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Tulip Synaeda Orange

New Intense orange, fading to paler orange on the tips. Striking lily style bloom. Stunner! Tulips are a superb class of bulbs! With undisputed elegance, the Tulip family provides striking colour from late winter through to mid spring. Upon bringing your bulbs home, if you do not intent to plant straight away, keep them in a cool dry position (away from direct sunlight). Tulips do not need to be placed in the refrigerator, however, if you would like them to flower earlier than their natural flowering time, placing them in the refrigerator for 6 weeks will simulate a false winter....encouraging them to bloom sooner. Pick a full sun or partly shaded position, it is crucial that tulips have well drained soil. Wet feet can encourage various rots to attack your bulb. Plant your bulbs double their longest or widest point. This is a general guide for all bulbs. If your tulip is about 5cm long...plant him 10cm deep. Once planted, natural rainfall should be adequate to produce healthy strong flowers in most areas. If you live in a dry area, a little water every couple of days will assist in forming healthy, big buds. Do not let the bulbs dry out as the buds are forming, tulips will go into survival mode and sacrifice their flower to save the bulb if they feel they are not receiving enough moisture to bloom (reproduce). Feed at time of blooming with a good all round bulb fertiliser. Once the flower has dropped, cut the stem back to allow energy to go back into the bulb. The bulb will digest the leaves and create NEXT years flower at this point in time. Should you wish to harvest your tulips, wait until the foliage has completely died off, dig bulbs carefully with a fork and remove any loose debris and soil from around the bulb. Place in a net or paper bag in a cool dry spot to allow the bulbs to dry out. Once bulbs are crispy dry, clean off the old skins and any soil still are now ready to start the whole process again. Happy Gardening :-)
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